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Do It Yourself Love Spells

Do it yourself love spells are popular, easy to cast love spells that just about anyone, from novice to experienced practitioners of Wicca and witchcraft can successfully perform in the comfort of their own homes. Do it yourself magic love spells are often available at no cost and frequently require no special tools, ingredients, or components. Of course, caution should always be used when performing any magic spell and certainly do it yourself love spells are no exception to that advice. Also, and as always, we remind our visitors that love is a potent emotional with possible consequences that can range from delightful to dangerous and even disastrous. Therefore we urge all practitioners to use sound judgment and common sense when casting any magic spell.

What Makes a Love Spell a Do-It-Yourself Love Spell?

Several key factors contribute to the classifying of a love spell as a do it yourself love spell. These could include: a clear goal, easy to understand, simple to cast, common and readily available components, a history of fairly stable results, and a low failure rate. Any magic love spell that meets these criteria could be classified a "do it yourself love spell" and considered amongst the magickal community as a good, safe spell that is suitable for almost anyone who is seriously interested in witchcraft.

Should You Attempt to Cast a Do-It-Yourself Love Spell?

It depends. Ask yourself several questions: Am I serious about practicing magic? Do I believe in the power of magic? Do I really love the person for whom I am proposing to cast this spell? Regardless of whether the love spell works or does not work, am I ready, willing, and able to accept the consequences? If you can answer "yes" to those questions, then chances are you're ready to try casting a do it yourself love spell.

Where Can I Find Do-It-Yourself Love Spells?

Do-It-Yourself Love Spells can be found all over the web. The problem is, many if not most of them aren't real. There are many unscrupulous websites that use Do-It-Yourself Love Spells simply to lure visitors into a money-making scheme. Our advice: Visitors Beware! Be cautious. Avoid websites that seem to be drawing you in, promising more and more for what begins as a small amount of money and then once they've got you, asking for more and more.

Here at Hot Love Spells, all of our spells are always free and without any obligation to our visitors. All we ever ask is that you be careful and always act in everyone's best interest.

Here's a powerful Do It Yourself Love Spell that's easy to cast:

Things You Will Need:

This spell works best when cast on the first night of a waning moon.

Sit at a table or on a flat surface. Place the glass of water in front of you.

Hold the red crayon in whichever hand you use to write and the piece of paper in your other hand. Repeat the following words aloud:

"I, (say your name), do hereby call upon the supernatural powers of the cosmos, the forces behind the fire, beyond the heart of substance and the flowing of the stream. Hear me now, oh great spirits of all that has been and will be from before time was and until after time has been. Grant me a wish, I plead to your goodness, that this thing I ask may come to pass, that some small happiness pass through to my heart and feed my soul. Give to me now the love of (say the other person's name) and in this ritual seal the pact of my plea with my health and life so that upon suffering the pain of betrayal only shall this bond be forever broken."

Once you have spoken the above words aloud, write your name first and then the other person's name below it on the piece of paper. Next, roll the piece of paper so that it forms a small tube. Then, secure the tube with the piece of twine and tie a double knot.

Once you have finished tying the tube of paper with the twine, submerge the paper and twine COMPLETELY under the water in the glass just long enough so that it all gets wet. Then, take the paper out.

The spell is done.

Allow the paper and twine to air dry. Once dry, hide it somewhere safe, where it will never found.